Our Roots

The land was bought in 1986 and started as a hydroponic hobby of the original owners, with only 2 tunnels in operation. The family home and tunnels were the only existing structures on Lot 63. A family hobby grew into a passion for the business and multi span tunnels were erected on the same land the following year.

The farm proliferated and all produce was sold at the fresh produce markets. The owners then decided to expand the business and they purchased a second piece of land, Lot 64 to enable expansion. They focused on producing cucumbers and tomatoes. Forward a few years, and added experience, the owners then made the business decision to expand to a third piece of land and increase the number of tunnels. Lot 30 was acquired during 2002, one of the benefits of this land was that it has its own borehole, which supplies water to Lot 63 and 64.

On 1 August 2005 the farm was purchased by the existing owners. The name changed to Lorto di Ops and collateral and communication was aligned. Alterations were immediately to the functioning and management of the farm to upgrade systems and standards. One way in which this was facilitated was by upgrading the farm to be aligned with and certified by the global technical and chemical methodology. We installed a second borehole and a compensating dripper system. We also made the decision to change from a fully chemical applications system to a semi biological crop protection programme forming an effective integrated pest management system. Years later the farm is now established and has been aligned with all legislative and food safety standards for well over a decade.


We produce cucumbers and peppers for 12 months of the year.  There are approximately 100 varieties of cucumbers and many varieties of peppers cultivated around the world. However, we select varieties which are best suited for our climate and location.

How Plants Grow 

We make use of the highly sophisticated microprocessor technology to feed the plants with all the necessary nutrients.  Only seeds of the highest quality are used and germinated in the growing medium, In our case, pine shavings.  The seeds have a specific temperature that must be achieved to grow and moisture and oxygen must be present and some seeds even need specified levels of light or darkness to be met.  An active system of pumps and computers are used to run and monitor the hydroponic operation.